Goats Milk Soap Bar & Scrubbles

Goats Milk soap has been a long time favorite to many people.

Our soap has goats milk right in the soap providing all the vitamins and nutrients goats milk has to offer and moisturize your skin.

Goats milk is less drying and harsh than ordinary soap and gives a creamy lather.

Some of our soap fragrances have additives.  We use only natural additives such as lavender buds, orange peel, coffee, oatmeal, teas, poppy seeds, apricot seeds etc.

Bar Weight is approx. 5 oz. and arrives in a clamshell. Soap is allergic to water....it will dissolve if left in or under water. Soap should only get wet while lathering to prolong it's life.

Tip: Clamshells are great for taking your soap traveling....and you'll want to take it!

Scrubbles are hand made soap savers that scrub and bubble. Machine washable. Made for two sisters soap bars. Use elastic to hang bar to dry and keep soap out of water. Soap Bar breaks, soap slivers doesn't matter...it's in the bag.

Ingredients: coconut oil, safflower oil, glycerin, goats milk, water, sodium hydroxide, orbital, sorbintan oleate, soybean protein,
titanium dioxide, fragrance or essential oil.  Colorant and additives depending on fragrance.  Additives may include poppy seeds, ground orange peel, ground apricot seeds, peppermint flakes, or cilantro.