Goats Milk Soap Filled Loofah

  • $4.00

Goats Milk soap has been a long time favorite to many people.  Loofahs have always been hard to get to hold soap....until now.

Our soap has goats milk right in the soap providing all the vitamins and nutrients goats milk has to offer and moisturize your skin. We've put all of this goodness right in the loofah.

Goats milk is less drying and harsh than ordinary soap and gives a creamy lather.

Weight: 3 oz.

Tip: Store your loofah...loofah side down-soap side up.  This will save the soap from dissolving in standing water.  Start using your loofah by applying the soap then rotate to the loofah side and begin exfoliating.  We suggest beginning on your heel to help softened the loofah.

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