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Scrubbles Soap Saver

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Scrubbles Soap Saver

Scrubbles is named after it's performance.  Creating bubbles and a light exfoliating scrub.  Handmade to fit our 5 oz. Goats milk soap bar.  Simply slip your bar inside the Scrubbles.  The scrubbles is made with an elastic closure to help hold your soap inside.

Exfoliates, increases lather, use less soap, elastic closure, holds small soap remnants, fits our 5 oz. soap bar, handmade, easy to hold onto, good for all ages, machine washable, tested on humans, no soap is wasted.

Available in Spring Green, Turquoise Blue, Dark Purple, White, Gold Yellow, Neon Orange, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Red (not pictured) 

100% Polyester and Elastic