Poppy Seed Sugar Scrub

  • $7.00

What is sweeter than sugar? 
Poppy Seed Sugar Scrub from Two Sisters Soap! 
We add poppy seeds to add exfoliating texture to our sugar scrub. 
Mixed with Oil and fragranced to create the mild, silky,
exfoliant you're skin is looking for.
Stir, scrub, rinse and pat dry.  Feel the soft, exfoliated skin layered with just the right amount of sweet almond oil for continued moisture.  Use it before shaving and give your skin a healthy, moist glow, while removing dry dead skin prior to shaving. 
Excellent after working outdoors; during cold, harsh winters and hot, dry summers.  Mother Nature can be brutal to our skin... lucky for us Mother Nature provides a way to rejuvenate the skin she can be so harsh on.

To help lock in moisture follow up with one of our coordinating Body Butters or Goats Milk Body Cream.  Yummy!

7 oz.
Ingredients: Sugar, Sweet Almond Oil, Poppy Seeds, Fragrance or EO Oils

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