Collection: Face

It's a Party for your Face!  Everyone has different lifestyles, genetics and environments that affect their skin.  Even our families don't have the same skin type. We live in different states and environments.  We each have our own lifestyle and habits.

Our Mardi Gras Face System is adaptable to all facial skin types and all ages over 12.  You cannot control what genetics have to do with your facial skin but you can control the products you expose your face to. 

We've added bundles to get you started and tailor your needs.  Bundles will save you money but if you don't need a bundle right now just order the pieces that you do need.

Here are a few reminders to help magnify our Mardi Gras face system use:

*Clean your make up brushes and sponges regularly....weekly or bi-weekly!
*Commit to never going to sleep at night with make up on! Sleep naked faced.
*Change your pillow case at least every other day.  Use both sides to get four nights out of one pillow case.  Remember the products you use in your hair are on your pillow case and your fresh beautiful face is going to be laying on the same pillowcase as your hair...all night long.  
*Drink plenty of water!
*Use Mardi Gras every night and morning.  You'll love it!