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Wax Melts Room Fragrance & Moisturizer in One!

Wax Melts Room Fragrance & Moisturizer in One!

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2 in 1! WHAT? Nothing is just ordinary at Two Sisters Soap!

No mess...Wax Dipping Melts.. have you heard of them? Did you know you can moisturize your skin with soy wax? Yup. It’s true. What's better is that we added moisturizing Cocoa Butter too! 

You get a great smelling house and moisturizer for your hands! Just dip your fingers in the melted wax and rub it in. Use it a cube at a time to fragrance and moisturize until the cube is gone.  No unscented wax mess, because you literally used it all to moisturize.  No cheap wax hardened in your warmer.  Perfect!  You are welcome!!

Pairs great with our available wax warmers!


Ingredients: soy wax, cocoa butter, fragrance


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