Collection: Soak-Shower-Aromatherapy

Self Care is what we think of when we put our Aromatherapy line together.

Pamper yourself because if you don't take care of yourself you cannot take care of others.  And let's face it that's what we do.  Take a few precious minutes out of your knock down, drag out day to just have a time out!

Our Aromatherapy line was put together and planned with life's hard knocks, busy lives and hectic schedules in mind.

In our Aromatherapy Line you will find:

  • Sea Kelp Foaming Mineral Bath
  • Fragrance Coordinated Goats Milk Bar Soap, Creamy Milk Body Wash, Goats Milk Body Cream
  • Special Blended Health and Wellness ready to use Essential Oil Rollers
  • Respiratory Fizzie Bath Soak...aka granulated bath bomb
  • Shower dissolving Shots in Snot and Headache blends