This is where it all started...soap!  We've created 20 fragranced soaps and of course unscented, aka naked, is always an option and very hard to find.

Goats Milk Soaps available:

Bar Soap: 5 ounces of colored or uncolored soap bars poured into it's own clamshell for durability.  Great for the shower, bath tub and travel. Lather that is so creamy it's hard to describe.  Add a "scrubbles" and you will never go back! NOTE: To make your soap and any soap last longer it is important that the soap only get wet while you are lathering it to wash.  A mistake people make is to leave soap where water can constantly hit it will bathing.  This will shorten the number of uses significantly.

Scrubbles: These too are hand made by Two Sisters Soap.  Made especially to fit our bar soap.  The scrubbles will increase your lather probably by two.  It will exfoliate, hold the lather, keep soap from slipping out of your hand, keep the mess of bar soap at a minimum and prolong the life of your soap.  Waste less soap because when your bar is down to slivers you will still have some lather left.  When the bar breaks in half as it gets smaller you will still have something significant to hold onto. The scrubbles has an elastic closure to pull and hang soap with if necessary to keep it out of excessive water. Machine wash is suggested with each new bar.

Soap filled Loofah: The hardest part of using a loofah is keeping the soap on it.  We poured the soap into it.  It's a solid 3 ounces of uncolored soap poured into the loofah.  On side is left natural to store the loofah without a soap mess.  Exfoliation is what the loofah is all about.

Hand Soap: Every sink in the house needs hand soap.  We have enough variety in our soap that you'll find the perfect fragrance for every room.  May be suggest Pineapple Cilantro or Lemongrass at the Kitchen sink?  How about Mango Paradise or Pynk Sugar for the younger crowd?  Fierce for men, baby powder for baby baths, lavender for calming etc.  A little goes a long way.  You do not need a full pump of this soap to clean.