Collection: Two Sisters Soap Gift Card; the perfect gift

You know they love Two Sisters Soap but you're not sure which product to buy? Give an Electronic Gift card. Send/receive instantly. No delays. Expires one year from date of purchase.

Give the gift that let's your recipient choose their favorite Two Sisters Soap handmade bath and body products.





This gift card is an electronic gift card. Send it electronically directly to the recipient without mail delays. Expires one year from purchase date.

1. General Gift Card Terms. The Gift Card can:

(i) not be reloadable;

(ii) not be redeemable for cash;

(iii) not include any activation fees or added service fees, or fees that reduce the value of the card over time;

(iv) not be used to compensate consumers for unshipped merchandise instead of providing refunds;

(v) be used on the online store or in person at the shop of TWO SISTERS SOAP.